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Behind Rising Indianapolis Rapper Mark Battles

Behind Rising Indianapolis Rapper Mark Battles February 15, 20143 Comments

INDIANA  —  A rising Indianapolis rapper known as Mark Battles, is slowly making a name for himself. His new mixtape called Black Einstein, is set to be released this month. Collaborations include notable artists such as Wale, French Montana, Dizzy Wright, Emillio Rojas, Currensy, Joe Budden, Derek luh & more. His first single is titled “Got A Feeling”, featuring Wale & Fly America newcomer Derek Luh. The single features a nice Kendrick-type of vibe mixed in with an R&B mystery woman hook. The music video was released on January 30th, 2013, but it wasn’t until days later when the video started to rack millions of views on Worldstarhiphop and buzz on YouTube. The whole sitting on a chair in an empty room kind of vibe reminds us of Kendrick Lamar, in a good way.

Fly America & Career Beginnings

mark battles_imgMark is a good rapper, but who’s his rap sidekick Derek Luh? We searched his other material and found a song called “Blow It Out” with Dizzy Wright. Not only were we surprised by his talent, but we were wondering why Derek Luh isn’t on the XXL Freshman list. This Cali-based rapper could be a future breakthrough artist if he keeps steering on the right track. He’s definitely another rapper we will be keeping our eyes on.

While we were researching Mark Battles, we found out about his brother Carl Battles. When Mark was a young teen, he was on his way to school with his brother Carl and his sister. While his sister was driving, her car and a truck collided near his high school. Within minutes of notification of the crash, Carl Battles was pronounced dead. Pike High School, in Indianapolis where Mark attended school, had adjusted it’s school zone traffic rules, adding a speed meter. Shortly after the accident occurred in 2006, a hip hop artist known as Mark Battles has been on the rise for years. Before the launch of his popular ‘Walking Distance’ mixtape, Mark linked up with Miami-based music marketer & producer, “Joey“. This notorious viral marketer is said to be behind various other online viral phenomena.

Following the completion of his mixtape, he released his 2012 hit single “Last Night”, which landed a spot on MTVu Freshman. The single was even remixed by Kid Ink. It’s also considered Mark Battles’s most popular video so far, racking up close to 1.2 million YouTube views and even charting front page of YouTube. Since then, Mark has collaborated with Los, Lola Monroe, Dizzy Wright, French Montana, and even Lil Wayne. Mark’s sound is getting slowly better and his marketability is staring to blossom. We won’t be surprised if Fly America becomes a big trend sometime in 2014. We also are expecting his artist Derek Luh to achieve big things in the near future.

Reported by Danny Rogers


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