Homeless Man ‘Wins’ Lottery In Impacting Viral Video

Homeless Man ‘Wins’ Lottery In Impacting Viral Video March 5, 2014Leave a comment

The creator of the video is Magic Rahat. Rahat is a notable YouTube star who makes prank videos and loves to help out the less fortunate. A new video is trending which shows that not everyone YouTube partner is blowing their AdSense money on booze. Rahat was notified of a homeless African American man who is nice and respectful.

Rahat hands the homeless man a ‘winning’ lottery ticket and asks him to accompany him to cash the ticket out. Without stating to the man that the ticket is fake, both head to the corner store to check how much the ‘ticket’ is worth. The cashier is also in on the stunt and upon handing him the cashier the ticket, the cashier tells the homeless man that he has won $1000. Handing him the cash, the homeless man starts tearing up and offers to split the money in half with Rahat.

Very few videos have made us emotional but this one is one that makes us feel great inside. This prankster who generally likes to scare people in drive-thru windows or elevators, has done something right this time. We’re expecting YouTubers to get inspired by this and start filming their own version of this stunt.


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