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Nirvana Digital’s YouTube Network Surpasses 1 Billion Views

Nirvana Digital’s YouTube Network Surpasses 1 Billion Views March 6, 2014Leave a comment


NEW DELHI – Nirvana Digital, a multi channel network (MCN) provider, today said its  YouTube network has crossed 1 billion views milestone in less than two years.
The firm expects to achieve the next billion views mark this year.
Nirvana has a collection of over 200 YouTube channels and over 50,000 videos. It has served over 2.5 billion minutes of videos last year on YouTube alone.

Besides YouTube, it distributes content on other video platforms like HULU, Amazon VOD, Apple  iTunes, etc.
“Nirvana Digital achieved the 1 billion views on our YouTube network in under two years, with a large chunk being generated in 2013,” it said in a statement.
The views are spread across six verticals, including film, TV, kids, spiritual, urban and music.
“At the current run rate, we should hit our next one billion views by the end of 2014,” Nirvana said.
On the growth segments, the firm said in India  bollywood and music get massive traction. Besides, kids and cookery channels are becoming favourites for the online viewer.
“India has a lot of video content that has not been exposed to the world yet. We are busy working with individual producers who have a few videos as well as larger studios who have 1000s of videos in the TV/Film/Documentary category,”  Nirvana Digital Director Pinakin Thakkar said.
On the growth of MCNs, he said MCNs have been growing exponentially across the world and are being recognised as the new way that  brands and video content owners can reach viewers.
Large media giants like Time Warner and  Comcast have invested heavily in two US MCNs, proving that MCNs bring a new opportunity to reach viewers across the world, he added.
According to research firm ComScore, India is one of the largest  markets for YouTube and has become an increasingly important medium for content creators, brands and advertisers.
Multi Channel YouTube Networks like Nirvana Digital help in capitalising this popularity with their targeted reach and immense viewership, Thakkar said.

Source: India Times

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