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Review: ‘Pure Heroine’

Review: ‘Pure Heroine’ March 9, 2014


As we progress further into the future, music will continue to evolve. Whether it’s Pop or Hip Hop, new artists will continue to emerge. The center of the entertainment ring is still U.S but that doesn’t mean all the best talents come from America. Say hello to Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor or simply, ‘Lorde’.

Her debut album “Pure Heroine” debuted at number 1 in the Billboard charts and quickly became a worldwide success. Lorde is widely known for her young age and mature singing tone. Lorde quickly rose to fame and released one of the greatest albums of the 21st century.



Lorde is a female singer who’s known for her gothic style. We personally love it and think it’s very original. Her musical sound is pretty similar to Adele & Lana Del Rey. The instrumental sounds of the album is pretty unique and is something new. Compared to what other artists have released in 2013 and 2014, Lorde’s music is refreshing and a complete different direction.

When we first heard ‘Team’, which was before it blew up, we were worried if it was going to become an international breakthrough hit. Then we heard ‘Royals’ and we were convinced we were looking at a future superstar. Lorde’s singing style certainly fits the whole vibe of her instrumental tracks and takes you to a different world.



Did you know that Lorde proof read her mother’s thesis of 40,000 words for her master’s degree, when Lorde was 14! Pretty impressive huh? Just around the same time, she signed a major deal with Sony Music. Of course, just a few years later, she took the world by storm with her debut album. When you take a listen to Pure Heroine, you notice the wide vocabulary and catchy phrases. ‘Tennis Court’ & ‘Team’ has got to be the best songs off the album, lyrically.



Hooks and verses are perfectly structured together. The choruses for each song are sensational! ‘Team’ has got to be our favorite chorus from the album, and one of the greatest of all-time. ‘Royals’ has got to be the catchiest song off the album. A hook that won’t get out of our heads, even after months of listening to it.


Sound Design

From the crispy bright vocals to the spacey instruments, this album is one of the most best sounding ever. The reverb was over used in every song and it gave us a unique taste to Lorde’s sound style. Both the mixing and mastering is flawless. This album wasn’t nominated at the 2014 Grammy Awards for nothing!