Father of Sandy Hook Shooter Speaks Out For The First Time

Father of Sandy Hook Shooter Speaks Out For The First Time March 10, 2014Leave a comment
Peter Lanza, the father of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooter is speaking out about his son’s violent killing motives. Adam Lanza says he carries guilt about his son’s killing rampage  and wishes his son was never born. Following tense press coverage, conspiracy theories & worldwide criticism, Adam Lanza had been the one behind one of the worst mass-shootings in U.S. history.

“You can’t get any more evil,” Peter Lanza told the New Yorker in an article in its March 17 issue. “How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he’s my son? A lot.”

The shooter took his own life but not before taking his mother’s life and the life of 26 others. During the shooting time, Adam’s father didn’t see his son for about 2 years. Adam’s parents got a divorce when Adam was in elementary school and the separation had caused Adam to distant himself from his father.


In interviews with the New Yorker, Lanza said he never goes an hour without thinking about the shooting. He wanted to speak out because, “I want people to be afraid of the fact that this could happen to them. It doesn’t have to be understood to be real.”

Peter Lanza said he believes his son would have killed him if he had the chance. Adam was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and was considered a quiet kid during his childhood.

Adam struggled during his later years of his childhood and got into lots of trouble. Peter Lanza believes the diagnosis had deeper  issues, possibly schizophrenia.

“She never confided to her sister or best friend about being afraid of him,” Peter Lanza said. “She slept with her bedroom door unlocked, and she kept guns in the house, which she would not have done if she were frightened.”

“A victim’s family member told me that they forgave Adam after we spent three hours talking. I didn’t even know how to respond,” he said.

Adam has forever changed the lives of hundreds of Connecticut residents and changed the outlook of millions of Americans. With tighter security and gun control laws being passed around, we hope that one day these tragic events are prevented from happening again.

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