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NASA Reveals Evidence That Water Existed On Mars

NASA Reveals Evidence That Water Existed On Mars March 10, 2014Leave a comment

HOUSTON – It’s a theory that dates back decades ago. NASA scientists have long debated whether water existed on mars In the past, but now everything could change forever. According to a team of experts at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, a Martian meteorite called Yamato 000593 contains distinct structures and compositional characteristics which could suggest that biological processes happened on Mars hundreds of millions of years ago. The meteorite was reportedly formed about 1.3 billion years ago.

pound meteorite is believed to provide further evidence of water existing on mars in the past. According to NASA, the discovery is “reviving debate in the scientific community over life on Mars.” “The planet is revealing the presence of an active water reservoir that may also have a significant carbon component,” says Everett Gibson, a scientist at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.


Although we have a rover roaming mars, Scientists believe that meteorites can help determine if water ever existed in mars. Life could also be another factor that can be concluded by examining meteorites from mars. Meteorites have fallen all over the world and one day we will find the definite answer to our long awaited questions.


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