Microsoft Leans On ‘Titanfall’ For Dominance

Microsoft Leans On ‘Titanfall’ For Dominance March 10, 2014Leave a comment

MICROSOFT – One of the most anticipated games from Microsoft was being played worldwide at it’s beta-stage. This first-person shooter is expected to be released for Microsoft’s new home console “Xbox One”. The creator of Titanfall is Vince Zampella, a Call of Duty developer veteran. Titanfall is also the first game for Vince’s new Respawn Entertainment company.

Microsoft is no stranger to multiplayer shooters and could soon dominate the gaming industry once again with another possible blockbuster-type hit. Since the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has seen a strong start in sales, nearing 3 million consoles sold worldwide. Although Sony has outsold Microsoft, the future line-up for the Xbox One could show a promising turn for the rest of 2014.

Microsoft is hoping that this upcoming first-person shooter will help rise their new home console to the top. “It’s hard to overstate the importance of Titanfall to the Xbox One release this year,” says Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Microsoft.

A beta-test in February of 2014 for Titanfall, attracted more than 2 million Xbox users worldwide. The Xbox One is costlier than the Playstation 4, so the question is, will consumers purchase the Xbox One console because of the anticipated game? Despite these unanswered questions, Microsoft is rolling out a bundle package for it’s U.S. launch, pricing at $499. The bundle console includes a free copy of Titanfall.

Titanfall looks to be a successful Xbox exclusive title and despite these upcoming obstacles, Titanfall can very well give Microsoft the boost to reach the top. We’re very close to launch date for Titanfall, let’s see what success this first-person shooter can achieve.

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