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20 Strangers ‘First Kiss’ By Tatia Pilieva

20 Strangers ‘First Kiss’ By Tatia Pilieva March 12, 2014Leave a comment

Tatia Pilieva is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. Her new short video which involves strangers making out in front of a camera, has gone viral. The filmmaker had called 20 randomly picked strangers to an empty room to be filmed kissing. The shy couples make us relate to our first time with our attractive ones and within minutes, the passionate kissing starts.

It’s a really beautiful piece of movie art and the music makes the scenes more enjoying. This YouTube video has made our day and is one of our favorite videos this year so far. The video is a marketing ad for a fashion brand called ‘WREN Studio‘. The company sells clothes that are very classy looking. The YouTube video has garnished mass amounts of media attention being covered by TIME, Huffington Post, Gizmodo & Buzzfeed. The video has racked up over 16 million views in just less than 24 hours of being uploaded. Pretty impressive numbers huh?

We recommend you to share this beautiful video to everyone you know as it will make anyone smile. We hope that this digital marketing campaign video, comes with a part 2 later on.

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