Review: ‘Nothing Was The Same’

Review: ‘Nothing Was The Same’ March 13, 2014


One of the most consistent R&B singers/rappers of our time is continuing to produce hit-after-hit. Drake is just irresistible and has a place in the hearts of young females. Following a largely successful debut mixtape and a few number one selling albums, Drake is on his way to becoming a legend. While some criticize Drake’s 2013 ‘Nothing Was The Same’ album release, is this album one step ahead for Drake’s career or one step back?



Drake’s style and flow is very unique. There’s no one like him. Every song has a flawless flow that is just addicting to hear. The whole singing and rapping just makes wanting more and keeps us interested in the music. In terms of originality, Drake excels, although the album could’ve had new sound ideas that weren’t used in Drake’s previous albums.

No Drake’s music is not bad at all, but we would’ve liked it if Drake would’ve brought something more new to the table this time around.



Drake is known for his lyrics. ‘YOLO’ has become¬†a worldwide phenomena and just really shows the power of Drake’s wordplay. With this new album, the lyrics were just as exciting as the new instrumental sounds. We loved the lyrics on ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ and ‘Pound Cake’. We’re not that much of a big fan of Drake’s lyricism, but he’s done an excellent job on Nothing Was The Same.



Choruses and verses are on point. Some tracks lacked a bit of rhythm and weren’t as catchy as Drake’s songs usually are. It could be the production behind the album or it could be Drake not going as hard as his previous albums. On most songs, the rhythm is good.


Sound Design

The mixing on this album is definitely¬†a step up from Drake’s previous albums. We loved all of the effects, the instrumental beats, and the way the verses were structured together. Some songs could’ve had better production behind them, but this album is still one of the best rap albums of 2013.