BATB 7: The Battles Have Begun! (Trent McClung VS Cody Cepeda)

BATB 7: The Battles Have Begun! (Trent McClung VS Cody Cepeda) March 15, 2014Leave a comment

LOS ANGELES – The big skateboarding tournament held every year called ‘Battle At The Berrics’ has started. This is the 7th installment to the infamous flat ground skate competition. For this 7th season, Berra & Koston has created what we call now ‘Pros VS Joes’. Basically all the professional skaters are up against the top selected amateur skaters.

On the Berrics website a few weeks ago, a submission form was released so anyone can submit their videos of them skateboarding for a chance to win a slot in BATB7. Cody Cepeda was one of the chosen few. We won’t spoil the moment for others who haven’t seen the battle, but the battle was as intense as it gets. Both Cody and Trent McClung are very consistent skaters.

I think this skate competition with Pros VS Joes is a very great idea. This Cody guy seems to have the flat ground game on lock and looks to be better than some pro skaters that have competed in BATB in the past. I predict big success for Cody in BATB and afterwards. This is only the first round of BATB7 and it’s already feeling like the finals!

We also hope to see Nick Holt, Will Fyock and the return of Albert Nyberg and see how far they get in this BATB season.

The full list of Joes that made it into BATB7 are:

  • Chris Chann
  • Cody Cepeda
  • Nick Holt
  • Tanner Lawler
  • Gavin Nolan
  • Spencer Brown
  • Eric Martinac
  • Chhandy Khon
  • CJ Tambornino
  • Jonny Giger
  • Griffin Gass
  • Cody Whitt
  • Cristian Vannella
  • Nate Principato
  • Moses Adams
  • Will Fyock

Although we don’t know how good every skater is, we will predict that the final Joe will be: Cody Cepeda, Nick Holt or Will Fyock.

Reported by Joey Betancourt-Florez


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