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Will A New Cold War Spark Between U.S. & Russia?

Will A New Cold War Spark Between U.S. & Russia? March 15, 2014Leave a comment

(FOX WEEKLY) – Tensions are rising on the land of Russia & Ukraine. As the referendum nears this Sunday in Crimea, tensions will continue to escalate. Russia has thousands of troops near the borders and is preparing for the worst. Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia to pull its troops from Crimea and de-escalate tensions on Ukraine.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has quietly pulled billions of dollars from western countries including U.S., which is a sign that Russia will take the hit of the sanctions. U.S. has threatened to hit Russia with economic sanctions if they do not back off from the situation in Russia. Things are not looking good and things will only start to go downhill from this point.

China has even warned U.S. and EU of sanctioning Russia. China says ‘there’s no point in sanctioning’, China has readied it’s troops in case there’s a need to protect its sovereignty and it’s land. China has approximately 2.3 million soldiers in it’s military, the biggest in the world.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has given Russia until Monday, March 17th to back off or economic consequences will occur. Monday will be an interesting day and we will see how Vladimir Putin will retaliate to U.S. and EU, if it chooses that path. Russia warned U.S. that sanctioning them will just ‘hit back like a boomerang’.

I think that with all these statements on the table of Putin withdrawing billions from the west, can signify that Russia’s ready to fight back against the U.S. Not sure how this would end up, but it will not be pretty.

Russia is known to be a fighter and when war is at stake, Russia’s the first country to hit the battleground and fight till the end.

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