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Russian Forces Cross Borders & Invades Crimean Gas Plant

Russian Forces Cross Borders & Invades Crimean Gas Plant March 16, 2014Leave a comment

(FOX WEEKLY) – As Crimea nears a referendum, Russian troops crossed the borders and invaded a gas plant on Saturday. Tensions are continuing to escalate and just recently we have now learned that Russian troops have seized a gas plant located in the Kherson region, between Crimea and Russia.

Although there were no reports of any gun fire or tragic deaths, this sort of conflict has raised tensions even more as Russia nears possible invasion on the land of Ukraine. In a statement released on Saturday, the Foreign Ministry denounced the incident outside of Crimea, and said Ukraine “reserves the right to use all necessary measures to stop the military invasion by Russia.”

All this conflict comes after weeks of diplomatic talks between western countries to try and de-escalate tensions with Russia. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russia that if it does not withdraw it’s troops and de-escalate the conflict on Ukraine, it will slap Russia with sanctions. In this day in age, economic sanctions are very catastrophic for Russia.

Amid these conflicts between powerful nations, China has stated that they will back Russia 100%, regardless if Russia is violating international law or not. As we head towards referendum, dozens of billboards and posters across Crimea reads, “Together With Russia.” Some news media sites have speculated that this confrontation between the U.S. and Russia could spark a new cold war.


On Saturday, Russia had quietly withdrew billions of dollars from the U.S. and western countries which fuels the theory that Russia is gearing up for U.S. sanctions on Monday. Knowing that economic sanctions is a catastrophic move for Russia’s economy, we will all see how Putin will react and what move he will take. Putin even warned Obama that sanctioning Russia will ‘hit back like a boomerang’.

The referendum is just a day away and we’re close to see what will be the future of Ukraine. It will be an interesting end to the week and start to the new week.

Reported by Joey Betancourt


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