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Strong M-Class Solar Flare Bursts Out From The Sun

Strong M-Class Solar Flare Bursts Out From The Sun March 16, 2014Leave a comment

NASA – The Sun had released a strong M-Class solar flare on Thursday. A series of images were captured by Solar the Dynamics Observatory operated by NASA.

The strength of the solar flare was near X-Class, which is the strongest type of solar flare on the scale. The area of origin of the solar flare was Sunspot AR1996. The solar flare”briefly altered” low-frequency transmitters around the world, according to SpaceWeather.

Both X-Class & M-class are capable of prompting geomagnetic storms on earth due to the level of strength those solar flares have. As reported by The Inquisitr, the Sun unleashed its most powerful solar flare of 2014 late in February. Scientists theorize that if a M-Class or X-Class solar flare were to hit earth, it will cause power grid blackouts and catastrophic damage.

As we continue to observe the sun and it’s activities, we hope that one solar flare of that caliber, doesn’t reach planet earth.

Reported by Fox Weekly Staff Writers

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