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Will The 1947 Roswell Incident Ever Be Solved?

Will The 1947 Roswell Incident Ever Be Solved? March 16, 2014Leave a comment

ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO – As the decades start flying, the infamous legend of a UFO disk-shaped craft keeps getting more mysterious. They say that the legend will only get stranger and the truth may never be fully revealed.

roswell-1947-newspaperIn July of 1947, a rancher discovers a field filled with debris from an unknown craft. The material of the debris is unknown to the rancher and within hours, the military is notified. On a press release from Roswell Daily Record, it reveals that Brazel and his son saw a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks.”

The Roswell Army Air Field was quickly notified of the crash and an intelligence officer known as ‘Jesse Marcel’ was sent to investigate the crash scene.

On July 6, 1947, the army issues a statement that they were in possession of a ‘flying saucer’! Then days later, the story was changed to a ‘weather balloon’. The original story was said to be a cover up by numerous military officials who were at the crash site and by Major Jesse Marcel, who was the first to be sent to the crash site.

The Incident explodes with conspiracies, but were put to rest when the Air Force issued a statement in the 90s stating that, ‘the Roswell crash was nothing more than a top-secret spying device called ‘Project Mogul’. For some, this puts an end to the long-mysterious UFO incident, but for others, it’s just another cover story.

The Witnesses & The Alien Bodies

As much as one would wish extraterrestrial life exists, no definite proof of extraterrestrial life has been found, yet. However, some UFO experts are claiming that the Roswell incident is proof that aliens exist and the government is trying to cover it up. It might sound like crazy talk, but numerous witness that seems ‘credible’ to the Roswell incident, have all been deceased. Some of the witnesses are military officials who were at the crash site and have held the actual debris of the downed ‘flying disk’. One of the key witnesses was Sgt. Earl Fulford, who on July 5, 1947, was sent to the crash site to pick up the debris.

Earl stated that when he picked up the debris and crumbled a piece of what looked like aluminum, the piece of debris would go back to its original form. During the top secret operation, Earl was intimidated by military police to not tell anyone about the crash scene. Earl kept this encounter secret for over 50 years, until his very last years of life.

Other key witnesses revolved around the dead alien body’s that were spotted near another crash site close to the first one. Some conspiracy theorists argue that there were more than 1 crash site. This alien bodies story fueled a hoax ‘alien autopsy’ video that stormed the internet.

How The Roswell Legacy Will Live On

If one could speculate the amount of influence Roswell has had on the scientific community, we are talking about a historic event that changed science forever. The Roswell incident is still being debated today, even after 67 years! It’s crazy to think that the U.S. government continues to ignore UFO incident like Roswell even though there are very intriguing evidence.

As tourism attracts the Roswell city every year, the Roswell legacy will never die and forever live on. Now that all the witnesses to the Roswell incident are deceased, we won’t be any closer to solving the big mystery that occurred in a rancher’s farm on July of 1947.

Written by Fox Weekly News Staff

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