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Google Will Enhance Privacy & Encrypt Your Searches

Google Will Enhance Privacy & Encrypt Your Searches March 16, 2014Leave a comment

CALIFORNIA – As part of a safer and more secure online environment, Google plans to make your online experience more private. Google plans to battle privacy concerns within the internet as it has announced it will start to ‘encrypt’ your searches.

Google will introduce the new encrypt searches worldwide at an unknown date. However, the new encrypt searches have already begun in China. Google plans to step up privacy after Edward Snowden exposed to the world the secrets behind online surveillance done by the National Security Agency.

Edward Snowden was a NSA contractor who revealed to the world that the NSA was spying on the world using some of the most powerful sites on the web including, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and even mobile apps. These massive claims have sent site owners on an edge to try and recover from so much tensions against the NSA.

“The revelations of this past summer underscored our need to strengthen our networks. Among the many improvements we’ve made in recent months is to encrypt Google Search by default around the world,” a Google spokesperson told the Washington Post. “This builds on our work over the past few years to increase the number of our services that are encrypted by default and encourage the industry to adopt stronger security standards.”

Source: [The Washington Post]

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