GTA 5 PC Release Date Listed On GameStop Website

GTA 5 PC Release Date Listed On GameStop Website March 16, 2014Leave a comment

GTA 5 PC Release Date Listed On GameStop Website

By Danny Rogers | Published on March 16, 2014

The video game retail giant GameStop had listed GTA 5 for PC on their website in the PowerUp Rewards section. The listing to get pre-order the game is no longer available. So, did GameStop accidently leak a GTA 5 release date for PC?

On February 4th, had the title on their website as being available for a June 13th release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This definitely got gamers super excited for a possible PC announcement. Earler in 2014, in January, a user by the name of warrockteam1 had uploaded a YouTube video that claimed to be actual footage of GTA 5 for PC. YouTube had quickly removed the video and slapped a copyright infringement that was claimed by Take-two Interactive.


Many GTA fans on forums have claimed that the video is a potential fake and say if the video is real, it could be just early development testing for the PC version of GTA 5. Many hoaxes have been created since 2013 when GTA was released on home consoles, including one created by a marketing firm known as Swenzy.

It seems like GTA 5 will never come to PC and every day becomes one day farther from an announcement or even teaser to Rockstar’s loving fans. Will we get at least a tweet or teaser trailer for GTA 5 anytime soon? I guess we will have to keep waiting and dreaming and maybe one day, Rockstar will hear us out.

Reported by Danny Rogers

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