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Why There Will Likely Be No TimeSplitters 4

Why There Will Likely Be No TimeSplitters 4 March 16, 2014Leave a comment

UNITED KINGDOM – We’re approaching that time of the year again, and no I’m not talking about monkeys. I’m talking about e3 expo! Every year, the biggest gaming companies unite to announce the biggest games to be released.

One title has been buzzing into the minds of many gamers, and that title is ‘TimeSplitters 4’. The super fun first-person shooter had begun development with Free Radical Design a couple of years ago, but then was shut down. The company went into bankruptcy and was eventually bought by Crytek UK.

The future of the TimeSplitters series was put on hold and for years, fans have speculated whether or not a sequel was in the works. Just last year, Crytek officials confirmed that TimeSplitters 4 is not in development and won’t likely see the light. It’s an emotional feeling for TimeSplitter fans but one has to embrace the reality eventually.

One reason why TimeSplitters 4 may never happen is because of the craziness the series represents. Monkeys, ducks, zombies, snow mans shooting each other? This day in age, Call Of Duty, Gears of War & Battlefield are dominating the shooting part of the gaming industry. Other shooters are risking their careers trying to compete with those blockbuster titles.

Given the craziness of what the TimeSplitters series represents, it will be difficult for Crytek UK to market the game as a product and get it to sell well. One who has never played TimeSplitters might find the game unappealing or very ‘wierd’ to say the least. So, marketing wise would be a very risky move for Crytek. A move that they have confirmed they will not take part of.

It’s possible that maybe one day, a publisher and a gaming studio will look into the idea of TimeSplitters 4 and maybe, just maybe, pick up where Free Radical left off.

Written by Danny Rogers

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