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U.S., EU Imposes Sanctions On Russia

U.S., EU Imposes Sanctions On Russia March 17, 20142 Comments

(Fox Weekly) — President Obama has teamed up with the European Union to sanction Russia after Crimea voted to join Russia. The sanctions included asset freezes and travel bans on officials from Russia and Ukraine.

The sanctions were imposed after Sunday’s referendum where an astonishing 96.7% of voters were in favor of leaving Ukraine and joining Russia. Western powers say that the vote was illegal and that there was ‘intimidation’ involved.

“We’ll continue to make clear to Russia that further provocations will achieve nothing except to further isolate Russia and diminish its place in the world,” says President Barack Obama. “The international community will continue to stand together to oppose any violations of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity, and continued Russia military intervention in Ukraine will only deepen Russia’s diplomatic isolation and exact a greater toll on the Russia economy.”

It’s uncertain what will occur in the coming days as Russia is left to respond to the┬ásanctions imposed by U.S. & EU. It is considered the biggest U.S. & Russia confrontation since the cold war. Tensions are building up and Barack Obama is looking for Russian President Vladimir Putin to ease tensions and come to a fair agreement.

“The Foreign Affairs Council just agreed on sanctions, travel restrictions & assets freeze against 21 officials from Ukraine & Russia,” Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Linas Linkevicius wrote in a message┬ávia Twitter.

President Obama ordered freezes on any assets in the U.S. and has banned travel for the 11 individuals he named. Among those individuals sanctioned were ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, Sen. John McCain had commented on Russia and said that the country is a ‘gas station’ that is corrupt and Putin’s country’s economy only relies on oil and gas. Many other politicians have commented on Putin’s decision to ride out U.S.’s sanctions.

Reported by Joey Betancourt-Florez


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