Al Qaeda Calls For Car Bombs In U.S. Cities

Al Qaeda Calls For Car Bombs In U.S. Cities March 19, 2014Leave a comment

(Fox Weekly) — The latest issue of Inspire magazine has called upon all terrorist affiliates of Al Qaeda, to detonate car bombs in major U.S. cities. The cities that were mentioned included: New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

This magazine is reportedly the same that issued a terrorist call which ended up being the Boston Marathon bombing from last year. The Inspire magazine’s goal is to ’empower’ Muslim youth. Security measures for next month’s Boston Marathon race is expected to be raised even more now.

“Choosing the place and time is a crucial factor to success in any operation,” the magazine reads. “Choose targets in your own country. You know the enemy better, you are within … The important thing is that you target people and not buildings.”

“Disguise yourself during the operation, appear fat (add some clothes on you), change your complexion, be a ‘clone’, use any mask (believe me embarrassment is the last thing you will think about), wear a mask suitable for the festival, white beards on 25th Dec,” it reads. “All in all, be creative brother. The most important part to hide is your eyes and around.”

“My Muslim brother, before you start reading the instructions, remember that this type of operation, if prepared well and an appropriate target is chosen, and Allah decrees success for you, history will never forget it,” the magazine reads. “It will be recorded as a crushing defeat on the enemies of Islam.”


The magazine issue also contained specific detailed information and basic instructions on how to build a bomb. The bomb used in the Boston Marathon bombing was a pressure cooker which caused 280 injuries and 5 deaths. The suspected bombers were 2 individuals, one who was shot and killed and another who is in custody and was only 19 years old when the terrorist attack occurred.

Reported by Luis West

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