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Hillary Clinton: It’s Up To Putin Whether There’s ‘Another Cold War’

Hillary Clinton: It’s Up To Putin Whether There’s ‘Another Cold War’ March 19, 2014Leave a comment

(Fox Weekly) — On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said that the conflict between U.S. and Russia over Crimea is a “clash of values” and its up to Russian President Putin whether ‘another cold war’ is going to result over these high tensions.

Tensions are now higher than ever before now that Crimea has joined Russia. U.S. had imposed sanctions on Russia and has froze travel and assets. On Tuesday, Clinton comments and talks about what is considered the worst West-east crisis since the cold war. Clinton says that Putin’s annexation of Crimea, a move that has caused Western allies and led the United States to sanction a couple of Russian leaders, is an effort by the Russian leader to “rewrite the boundaries of post-World War II Europe.”

“I hope there is not another Cold War,” Clinton said.. “Obviously, nobody wants to see that. I think that is primarily up to Putin.”

This comes just before Pro-Russians invaded a Navy base in Crimea where tensions continue to escalate further. Russian President Putin even considers sanctioning U.S. senators.

The annexation that went on during the weekend, was considered ‘illegal’ by Western allies and the U.S. said that it will not consider the voting that went on.

“If he is allowed to get away with that, I think you will see a lot of other countries either directly facing Russian aggression or suborned with their political system so that they are so intimidated that in effect they are transformed into vassals, not sovereign democracies,” Clinton warned. “There is a lot at stake here.”

Clinton said countries “need to get moving in protecting themselves against future intimidation” and gave a handful of recommendations on how to deal with Russian and Crimea.

Tougher sanctions are on the way to Russia as U.S. announced tougher economic sanctions for Russia’s recent actions.

Reported by Joey Betancourt-Florez

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