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Mysterious Countdown Site Hits ZERO

Mysterious Countdown Site Hits ZERO March 20, 20141 Comment

(Fox Weekly) — The mysterious countdown clock that has been turning heads all around social media sites and forums, has hit zero. The previous site design carried an upside down NSA logo with a message on the bottom. The website has conspiracy theorists around the world scratching their heads. Upon hundreds of blogs, theories of ‘Edward Snowden’ to ‘the missing Malaysian plane secret message’ surfaces.

The site has updated with a Google map of the world. If you grab the map with the hand icon and move it towards the top left, you will see the cursor will be in Alaska. Within only minutes of the site’s appearance, a 4Chan user was able to get into the directory folder of the website and pull up an image of the upside down NSA logo.

The site now carries a huge list of letters, within the site coding, there is a message titled ‘(key=20×25)’. 4Chan & Reddit users have found out that within the coding, the size of the puzzle is 20 letters across, and 25 letters down.

One theory that a 4chan user put out is that the reason for the binary codes & hiding the messages is because NSA has an internet bot scanner that scans words from websites. This could be one possible theory of someone alerting us about an upcoming event. Since we have entered a crisis with Russia, the most dangerous time since the cold war, maybe someone, somewhere, knows something.

The theories of ‘The Last Election 14’ being a marketing ploy for an upcoming movie, is out of the question. The theory that it’s for an upcoming video game, seems to be out of question as well.

We will continue to monitor any updates regarding this strange website.

Reported by Fox Weekly Staff Writers

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