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Turkish F-16s Scrambled After Russian Spy Plane Spotted

Turkish F-16s Scrambled After Russian Spy Plane Spotted March 21, 2014Leave a comment

TURKEY — As tensions continue to escalate with the situation in Ukraine, the Turkish Air Force had scrambled six F-16 fighter jets to confront a Russian spy plane.

The Russian plane was flying near the Black Sea coast on Friday. The Russian reportedly remained over international airspace and where Russia’s coastline is close to Turkey’s coastline.

A U.S. navy guided-missile destroyer, the U.S.S. Truxtun passed through Turkey’s Bosphorus straits bisecting Istanbul on its journey to the Black Sea in what the U.S. military described as a “routine” deployment scheduled  before the Ukraine crisis started.


These are tense moments for a country like Russia where it has entered at the worst East-West crisis since the cold war.

Source: REUTERS | Image Source: Defense Talk

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