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Review: ‘My Date with the President’s Daughter’ (1998)

Review: ‘My Date with the President’s Daughter’ (1998) March 23, 2014


‘My Date with the President’s Daughter’ is a 1998 film that stars various notable actors including one that has a past with Disney. The film was produced by Walt Disney & Buena Vista Home Entertainment. The film was shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was directed by Alex Zamm.

The film does great work in providing a great plot for being another one of those “President’s children” movies. The main theme song of the film is very catchy, and the overall vibe of the movie is very good. The movie centers around an average teenager that goes on a quest to find a girl to accompany him to the spring dance. At a mall, he runs into a girl named Hallie. The girl he runs into just happens to be the daughter of the President of the United States of America. While the boy (Duncan) doesn’t know about her personal life, he decides to ask her to the dance and ends up arranging a date.

The rest of the story surrounds the two sneaking away from the secret service while on their night out and getting into a butt-load of trouble. The movie ends with the boy Duncan and the president’s daughter getting into deep trouble by their parents and their parents learning a lesson why their kids were lost.



The film has a decent storyline along with some memorable scenes. The whole President’s daughter idea, isn’t new at all. The idea of the boy being acted by Will Friedle, was a very great idea. The story delivers a clear plot and is consistent on keeping us on our toes. Some small scenes of the movie needed a bit of work such as the president sneaking out of the White House without a hat or face coverage. The president also walking into a mall full of people and nobody recognizing him was also a bit of off storyline.

Overall, the film has a great storyline and a couple of parts are very clever and original. Our most memorable part of the story had to be the BMW police chases.



The acting was close to flawless with the majority of the movie. The picture is great! The camera angles were filmed on point. We kind of felt that the secret service people needed to act just a tad better. We loved how the movie transitioned from many locations throughout the great escape between the 2 main characters. The wide variety of locations made the movie more interesting and exciting. All main characters acted outstandingly.



The main theme song of the movie will probably stick with who ever listens to it. The rest of the music is great and fits the tone of the film.