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Review: ‘Freedom Writers’ (2007)

Review: ‘Freedom Writers’ (2007) March 28, 2014Leave a comment


‘Freedom Writers’ is a 2007 film starring various notable actors including: Hilary Swank, R&B singer Mario, Scott Glenn & many more. The film is based on a true inspiring story about Erin Gruwell, a long beach high school teacher. The teacher taught in Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in California and published the widely known book titled ‘The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them‘.

The film does an outstanding job portraying the events and work that Erin Gruwell had put into her students. The film centers around multiracial civil rights.



Possibly one of the best storylines we’ve ever seen. ‘Freedom Writers’ steps up the bar and displays the amazing stories of everyday desegregation of teenagers that goes on in their everyday life. The movie centers in Long Beach, California, where low income residents reside.

When the film switches to different teenage character lives, it provokes a strong emotional feeling. The script from beginning to end is flawless. The film inspires the viewer repeatedly throughout the movie and moves them in a unique way. Our favorite part of the film has to be when the holocaust survivor speaks for the class.

The different personalities and characters drive you into their world and keeps you on your toes consistently.



All actors portray a perfect job on displaying the segregation between the different races and cultures of the students. The humor within the Caucasian male in the classroom is genius, and dramatic/tragic scenes or portrayed beautifully. The film does a lot of great angles and films the scenes just right.

We think that if the film was a tad bit longer, it could’ve been an even more inspiring film.



Following the culture of hip hop, the song choice was on point. The 2pac & Gangstarr selection was perfect for the film. We do believe that more emotional tone of music should’ve been played on the dramatic scenes to bring more inspiration within the viewer.



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