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Review: ‘Wish Upon a Star’ (1996)

Review: ‘Wish Upon a Star’ (1996) March 28, 2014Leave a comment


‘Wish Upon a Star’ is a 1996 film starring Katherine Heigl and Danielle Harris. The movie was released on the Disney Channel and was directed by Blair Treu. The film centers around two ordinary sisters that bicker with each other. Both sisters have different personalities and one day, end up switching bodies using a shooting star.

The film is considered one of the most popular Disney Channel films of all-time.



‘Wish Upon a Star’ follows the typical Freaky Friday story plan. Two sisters living with different state of minds, switch bodies and change each others lives. The younger sister is considered a social outcast while the older sister is very provocative and popular-like. One night, the younger sister wishes upon a shooting star to switch bodies.

Throughout the main duration of the film, both sisters are going through experiences as the other sister. The film does a very good job inverting the lives and outlooks of both lives.



From the beginning of the film, all the way to the end, the film is 100% relatable-friendly.  The acting when the body switch first occurs, was perfection. The actors do a great job switching personalities and maintaining the character for the whole duration of the film. The scenes are very sensational and most of the angles are shot perfectly.



The soundtrack of the film has very good tunes. Some tunes are catchy while others are okay. The music within the film fits the theme very well and looks to bobble heads with every listen.



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