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Is This Justin Bieber’s Lost Brother?

Is This Justin Bieber’s Lost Brother? April 5, 20147 Comments

(Fox Weekly) — Just when you thought Justin Bieber couldn’t have more problems, this man appears. He goes by the name of “Beeki Vendi” and he has released a music video on VEVO, that has gone viral. Beeki claims that he is a blood relative to Justin Bieber and he says he can prove it.

On March 31st, 2014, VEVO had uploaded a music video for European pop artist ‘Beeki Vendi’. The singer has red ginger hair in the form of Bieber’s old signature hairstyle. We decided to get in touch with Beeki to find out more background information.

“I was born in Canada and raised in Europe. My family didn’t want me in the limelight for quite a while , I decided to be more independent and drop out from school and head to Europe, in Europe I was hustling in the streets with my chav homies we was getting high all day , after a while having no contact with my family I called Bieber to just check up on him and see how’s he is doing, he called me an abomination and said I bring shame to our family, since then he kept ignoring me , when I get back to Canada I’m going to whoop his ass in a 1 on 1 boxing match and show him who’s the boss.”

Beeki is said to have 21 years old age and works making pop music full time.

With lots of debates going on now on social media, does Justin really have another brother?



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