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Joey Nuova On Upcoming Debut ‘Werewolf Weekend’

Joey Nuova On Upcoming Debut ‘Werewolf Weekend’ April 7, 2014Leave a comment

(Fox Weekly)  –  Rapper, producer and marketer Joey Nuova is planning to drop his EP album in 2014. The title of the EP was confirmed to be titled ‘Werewolf Weekend’ on Joey’s twitter, and will feature 4 tracks. Joey started his own movement brand called ‘JUICE‘ and is expected to come up with his fellow rap partner & upcoming artist ‘Gabriel Kings’.

In 2011, Joey released one of his first singles in a form of an audio on YouTube. The video had increased to 250,000 views in 1 day earning him a spot on the front page charts of YouTube. The teaser song titled ‘Eternity’, was picked up by NME music magazine shortly after.

The teaser song only lasted about 1 minute and received close to 7k likes. “The single was a verse I wrote when I was 15, its poetic and very old”, Joey stated. Today, the video has racked up close to 4 million views and was even played on popular online Sirius and indie radio stations.

Throughout the years, Joey has received phone calls from Sony Music Entertainment A&R’s. Joey says he sent representatives his music work but no ‘serious’ business was ever coordinated.

Entertainment Marketing Beginnings

Since the successful viral single, Joey has turned his attention towards marketing. Joey has managed and marketed notable signed recording artists for major music companies such as Sony, Universal, Warner, BMI & VEVO. Joey has also triggered various online campaigns and viral phenomena. If there’s something intriguing about Joey its that he keeps his marketing clients and business under-wraps.

In 2012-2013, YouTube & Google started cracking down on ‘dead’ YouTube video views. YouTube had removed close to 2 billion views from major record giants like Sony, Universal, Warner, BMI & VEVO. Billboard quickly responded to the take-down and stated that a major label executive confirmed that the cause of the loss was due to ‘migration’ of VEVO channels. The Daily Dot was the first to report on the strange story and started wiping out theories. After Billboard gave its statement, Google nor YouTube responded back. In 2013-2014, various notable music videos of Sony/Universal artists have been taken down. The most viral video of all-time with close to 2 billion views, ‘Gangnam Style’, was de-ranked by YouTube in 2013.

Joey has refused to comment on the YouTube view count scandal and does not publicly release any info on artists that he has worked on or is working with. In Late 2013, Joey, along with other marketers, went on a viral campaign spree attracting worldwide notability and news coverage. The campaigns involved popular companies, trends and brands. Their viral campaigns have been covered by a significant amount of international news outlets including: TIME, CNN, Gawker, People, Rolling Stone, Chosun Ilbo, WSJ,…etc.

‘Werewolf Weekend’ & The Future

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Joey and his background. Joey told Fox Weekly that he was inspired to get into music marketing to help out others and gain experience into the music industry.

‘If one can master marketing, one can make anything visible in music.’, Joey says.

Joey’s upcoming album is set to be released in the second half of 2014. A few singles to look forward to are “Jeans” and “Electric Love”. His style of music is a mix of pop, hip hop and rap. There is no release date yet. An official website for his upcoming album has been put up and you can get updated via his twitter @Joeytotheo

werewolf weekend

As we enter the second half of 2014, the amount of new comers with major releases is very interesting.

With upcoming artists such as Becky G, Chance The Rapper, Mark Battles, Alex & Sierra, Ty Dollar $ & more, the industry is ready for another big turn around.

Reported by Luis West

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