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Meet Swenzy, The Social Media Marketing Gods

Meet Swenzy, The Social Media Marketing Gods April 25, 20143 Comments

(Fox Weekly) — It all started out with just bright out-of-the-box viral ideas. Swenzy officially started out as ‘SocialVEVO’ and later rebranded itself to Swenzy. The rebranding didn’t happen until after Swenzy had put out one of the biggest internet viral campaigns of all-time.

3 individuals from different countries were revealed to be the ones behind this notorious marketing company, (Jacob (EU), Juice (US) & Richie). On March 2014, we learned that Richie wasn’t a real person and was a made up character to cover the tracks of the owners. This company is said to be behind well-known viral campaigns and behind the success of many celebrities & businesses.

Speculation and words are being spoken on forums and chat rooms that Swenzy is the company who has marketed some of the most successful celebrities and politicians in the world.


In 2012, many say the holy-grail proof of Swenzy’s celebrity involvements, were right underneath everyone’s noses. YouTube had a view count enforcement, which caused close to 2 billion YouTube video views to disappear from VEVO & record label channels. Among the few affected were, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and more.

At the time, Swenzy went by the brand name ‘Adixy‘. Right after the view count scandal died off and YouTube stopped pressuring ‘gamed’ video views, SocialVEVO was born. During the first few months, SocialVEVO was running fine. Then, YouTube started racking press about a new view count policy. This caused SocialVEVO to let go of their old ‘marketing’ services and focus on a new way to market videos.

In September 2013, SocialVEVO had launched their first viral campaign titled ‘#Opblackout’. The viral campaign featured a countdown website and a fake Syrian Electronic Army Facebook page. The campaign was a hoax and caught the attention of various news outlets.

This was not the end of their viral spree. SocialVEVO went on to create other viral campaign hoaxes such as ‘Brian’s Announcement’, ‘Remember The 13th’, ‘231134421‘ and ‘The Last Election 14’. These successful campaigns landed them on CNN, Rolling Stone, Gawker, Fox News, TIME, People, Chosun Ilbo, WSJ, Alex Boses’s Museum of Hoaxes and a significant number of international newspaper, television and radio appearances.

Why did Swenzy perform these viral campaigns? It’s simple, to show off their marketing capabilities and to initiate a ‘safe’ way to send views. Since the YouTube scandals, Swenzy has found a new way to market videos using real traffic from viral campaigns. Some say that Swenzy operates secret viral campaigns on a daily basis and sells the traffic.

This method does not violate any terms of service with YouTube and is 100% legit views.

Not too long ago, an image of Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber & PSY’s manager, purchasing views for his artist’s video ‘Gangnam Style’, was leaked on 4chan. The image was quickly removed and has disappeared. Luckily, a generous  individual who managed to copy the image, sent it to us. What this image possibly represents is what many people claim to be the reality of marketing in the entertainment business.


This shows the power of Swenzy and what social media marketing can do. Gangnam Style is the most viewed internet video of all-time, racking close to 2 billion views. Coincidently, Gangnam Style is also featured on the home page of Swenzy.com.

The NYTimes, Wired, India Times and other international news sources have caught up with Swenzy and their notorious social media services. What ever you need to promote your business or brand, followers, likes, views, you name it they got it. Swenzy has also worked with politicians, actors, comedians, corporations, YouTube partners and medical individuals.

So who are the geniuses behind this controversial marketing firm? We had investigative reporters and renowned hacker friends to help us reveal these marketers. Within a few hours, we got a hit.

The man who goes by the name of ‘Jacob Pov’, is not his real name. His real name is ‘James’ and his full name is James Povolotski. He’s 19 years old and lives in western Europe.

The second mysterious marketer goes by the name ‘JUICE’. This man created the character of Richie to bring more fame to Swenzy. His real name has yet to be revealed by he lives in Florida and has a musical background. Background checks reveal a possible name of ‘Jose‘, but that was later confirmed as conclusive. JUICE is between 18-20 years old and is Colombian-American.

As Swenzy continues to be covered worldwide, there is no end in site for this marketing firm. If there’s one important factor, its that VEVO nor YouTube care about these companies. SocialVEVO.com still belongs to Swenzy even after an attempt made by The Daily Dot to confront the company. Whatever you can say about Swenzy, the multi-million dollar social media business is still running strong.

Reported by Danny Rogers

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