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Universal Volume Lowers Their Prices For Online Mixing & Mastering

Universal Volume Lowers Their Prices For Online Mixing & Mastering April 27, 2014Leave a comment

(Fox Weekly) — Universal Volume is widely known for its unique world-class mastering sound. The excellence of Universal Volume’s mastering engineers have landed them to work on projects for major record companies such as: Sony, BMI, Interscope, Aftermath, RCA and Universal. After years of performing online mixing and online mastering, Universal Volume will now offer affordable prices to help unsigned or independent artists get a professional sound, without overpaying.

Using the latest technology and renowned techniques/strategies, this studio has been labeled as the best online mixing and mastering site on the internet. The only other studio that offers proper professional online mixing or mastering, is Abbey Road Studios.

We went behind the scenes and received an online mastering package to test them out. Within just less than 24 hours, the results were nothing short of pure excellence!

You can hear the results below of the before and after:

Before Mastering:


After Mastering:



We’re excited for upcoming artists that are looking to get professional radio-ready sound without paying so much money. Recently, Universal Volume announced a new mixing engineer to their team. He goes by the name of Chris Cabrera and he’s a producer from Miami, Florida. Chris owns his own brand called ‘Mindlabs‘ and studied audio engineering at Miami International University of Art & Design.

Reported by Danny Rogers


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