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Miami Rapper Cashy Goes Stupendous In Miccosukee Resort

Miami Rapper Cashy Goes Stupendous In Miccosukee Resort May 7, 20142 Comments

(Fox Weekly) — Miami rapper Cashy has released an EP titled ‘Platinum Plus’ earlier this year. We were wondering why we haven’t heard of him until now. Rapper Cashy represents his own unique vibe and sound to his music. When we were sent Cashy’s videos, we were definitely feeling the vibe.

Cashy’s mixtape was produced by the well-respected Purp Dogg. When trying to describe Cashy’s sound, its pretty difficult, and this is a good thing. Originality is what most rappers today, fail to deliver in their tracks. Cashy also recently linked up with Raider Klan’s Yung Simmie for “Playa Pimpin”.

The single that sparked our attention, Stupendous, is something else. We just finished publishing our 2014 Artist To Watch. segment and if we would have discovered Cashy earlier, we could’ve potentially placed him at #10. The buzz and fan base might not be that strong, but the potential is there.

The location of the video Stupendous was a perfect one. The Miccosukee resort in Miami, is not a place where you would find a rapper filming their next music video. On top of the catchy hook, Cashy’s image and sound is like something from the 90s. Of course we can’t forget the director, the beautiful images were captured by Miami-director GFXkid or Javier.

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