Most Influential [X Factor USA] Music

#10. Willie Jones

#10. Willie Jones May 8, 20142 Comments

Best Performance: “Your Man”

Since the first time Willie walked on the X Factor stage, we had a feeling we were going to see something unique. Following a 90s style appearance, the audience expected a nice R&B tune mixed in with some hip-hop. But what Willie sang was no where near hip hop.

Willie’s cover of Josh Turner’s song “Your Man”, became a YouTube hit and is still surprising new viewers today. Mr. Jones delivered a smooth vocal performance and wowed the hell out of the judges. We love getting that surprise feeling and its one of the reasons why we love watching the X Factor over any other talent competition TV show.

Seeing the surprised faces on the audience and the one-of-a-kind style that Willie brings, is priceless.

After several successful performances, Willie Jones was eliminated early in the competition. Willie was mentored by Demi and Nick.


Reported by Danny Rogers

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