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Top 15 Most Influential Skateboarders of All-Time

Top 15 Most Influential Skateboarders of All-Time May 8, 20144 Comments

Skateboarding has turned into one of the most popular sports on the planet. Since it’s beginning, skateboarding has brought cultures and different nations together. With the help of our journalists, we dug deep and made our list of the Top 15 Most Influential Skateboarders of all-time.


#15. Andrew Reynolds


Andrew represents Florida and in recent years, has dominated in skate competitions . Being the Co-founder of BAKER skateboards, one of the best known skateboard brands in the world, he has invaded the skateboarding community. Andrew has appeared on countless video games, films, major skate competitions, and is now a skate household name.


14. PJ Ladd


PJ Ladd is a professional skateboarder from Rockland, Massachusetts. This veteran skater is known as an “east coast legend”, and is considered one of the best flat ground skater ever. PJ rides for Plan B and New Balance. PJ has appeared in numerous video games, films, and is the longest streak winner for Battles At The Berrics. Being one of the most technical and consistent skater of all time, PJ is easily one of the top.


13. Chris Haslam


Who’s Chris Haslam? Arguably one of the most unique skater of our time. This Canadian skater has influenced skateboarding for a long while now. Chris is an innovative skater who is defined by his creativity and progression. Starting out in Daewon Song’s skateboard brand, Chris has been on the rise since then. Chris has even picked up many awards, music, video games, and film appearances. In other words, there’s no one else like him.


12. Ryan Sheckler


Ryan is one of the most popular skateboarders known to man. Starting out at a very young age, Ryan has been clearing out X Games competitors and achieving massive things ever since. Most likely, you might know Ryan from his old hit MTV show “Life Of Ryan“. This Cali-based skater has made a big footprint in skateboarding all-together. Being a big rider for Plan B and Etnies, while also being a Red bull team player, Ryan is definitely a legend in our eyes.


11. Bam Margera


Bam Margera is Pennsylvania-based skater, stunt man and actor. The MTV’s Jackass crew man has appeared on a list of film and radio appearances. Bam Margera has a sponsorship with Element skateboards and doesn’t plan on putting a stop to his skateboarding influence any time soon.

10. Chris Cole


Chris Cole is one of the greatest skateboarders of all-time, having secured winning checks in various competitions for many years now. Chris started out skating for ZERO and slowly became a huge influential skateboarder. Chris is another “east coast legend”, also being one of the most technical flat ground skaters. Hence a nickname given to him “Cobra”. You can only fear this legend, if you’re up against him in a game of SKATE.


9. Daewon Song


Daweon is one of those skaters that you will always carry as inspiration, even when you grow older. Becoming a skate phenomena and performing crazy skate video parts, is only the beginning. Daewon Song is also a fan favorite with a considerable fan base.


8. Paul Rodriguez


P-Rod has become a household name by his skateboarding and his acting. Representing Nike SB & Mountain Dew, this Cali-based pro skater has turned into a worldwide legend and his legacy will forever live on. Recently, P-Rod has founded his own skateboarding brand called “Primitive Skateboarding”. Securing countless victories from major skate competition events, Paul will continue to make his print.


7. Rob Dyrdek


Being a veteran and bringing the skate world into television, this skateboarder has made huge contributions in the skateboard community. Rob Dyrdek, being one of the richest and most well-known skateboarders, is truly a legend. Founding Street League Skateboarding, and his own hit show ‘Fantasy Factory’ from MTV, Rob continues to grow in the skateboarding community.


6. Gonz


It seems like Cali-based skaters are the best kinds. Mark Gonzales is a pioneer skateboarder. Many pros look up to Gonz for a good reason. Being the first person to skate down handrails, and inventing tricks like the “hippy jump”, Gonz has changed the skateboarding world and left his print.


5. Nyjah Huston


Starting in 2006, Nyjah Huston made skateboarding history, when Nyjah became the first young skater of his age to win major competitions. Since then, this young skater has turned into a skate phenomena, earning countless streaks of victory and becoming one of the biggest earning skateboarders of all-time. Nyjah even holds the most consecutive wins in Street League Skateboarding’s history. Nyjah has made his footprint into the world of skateboarding and this legend, with only 19 years of age, will be remembered forever for his incredible skating achievements.


4. Eric Koston


Koston is one of the main pioneers of skateboarding. Eric made a name for himself in the 90s and slowly turned into a legend. Founding The Berrics with Steve Berra, this skater who rides for Nike SB, has inspired us all to achieve bigger things in life. We love Koston’s humor, and we also love all the help Koston’s been doing to make sure skateboarding progresses.


3. Steve Berra


Steve Berra is one man that cannot be stopped. Having done more contributions to skateboarding than almost everyone else. Steve has all-together, is revolutionizing skateboarding right before our very eyes. Becoming the founder of The Berrics alongside Eric Koston, Berra has influenced the skateboarding community and changed the way we play games of skate. Without Steve Berra or Eric Koston, skateboarding wouldn’t be the same today. Steve Berra = Steve Jobs of Skateboarding.


2. Tony Hawk


The most famous skateboarder on the planet is arguably one of the most influential skaters on our list. For decades, Tony has created a massive billion-dollar skateboarding empire, which includes entertainment and merchandise. Since the start of his skating career, Tony has changed and all-together, evolved skateboarding. Being a pioneer and veteran to one of the most elusive extreme sports ever, Tony’s legacy will always live on.


1. Rodney Mullen


The amount of contribution and history that both Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen made is unbelievable. Rodney is the god of flat-ground skateboarding. Having created the kick flip, 360 flip, pop shut-it, heel flip and countless other tricks, Rodney’s legacy and revolutionary tricks, will live on even after he leaves us. One can call him a skate god, but Rodney’s inspiration will forever live stay with us. Skateboarding would’ve never been the same, and possibly wouldn’t have still existed today, if it wasn’t for Rodney Mullen & Tony Hawk.


Reported by Joey Betancourt

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