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Review: ‘Felon’ (2008)

Review: ‘Felon’ (2008) May 8, 2014Leave a comment


‘Felon’ is a 2008 prison/action film created by Ric Roman Waugh. The film is about a man who kills an intruder in self-defense, but ends up catching a murder charge and is sent to California state-prison. Felon stars Stephen Dorff, Harold Perrineau and Marisol Nichols. Stage 6 films does a very great job with the overall quality of the film, and is one of our favorite prison films ever.



Felon starts out with Wade Porter who wakes up in the middle of the night to an intruder in his home. Wade grabs a baseball bat and beats the intruder to death just outside his doorstep on his front porch. Wade who was only trying to protect his family, Is charged with murder. Wade is then sentenced to 3 years in state prison.

Life becomes tough for Wade, after confronting various gangster criminals and getting into brawls with other inmates. The film centers of the reality of what it feels like to be in a California State prison. The film does an excellent job in creating ‘on-your-toes’ feelings throughout the entire film. The film won’t have you distracted or looking at your phone at any time.



Acting is 100% on point. All characters who participated in the film, exhibited flawless acting. The whole dark imaging pictures are very smooth and fits the style of the film.



The music played during dramatic and emotional scenes, fit the tone of the whole film just right.




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