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Scientists Make A Giant Virtual Universe

Scientists Make A Giant Virtual Universe May 8, 2014Leave a comment

MIT — Scientists have achieved a feat by creating a giant virtual universe that presents you details never showed in the past. Researchers at MIT and Harvard have created the universe that is 350 million light-years squared. Moreover, the universal development it stimulates covers the period between 12 million years after the Big Bang and the present date.

US, German, and English researchers have named the virtual cosmos as Illustris. It is a numerical-based model and covers 13 billion years of expansion. It shows how 41,000 galaxies were created during its run time. It was not an easy job to create such a universal model, but a five-year stint that used 8,000 processors running in a parallel fashion. If that was performed on a standard PC, it would have taken 2,000 years of processing time to accomplish the task.

The model has been pretty accurate to show how the universe actually is and how matters are formed. Two main types of galaxies were generated by the model, i.e. spiral formations like the Milky Way galaxy and egg shaped swirled galaxies. The proportion of the simulations was precisely similar to that they do in the real universe.

“Very small galaxies in our simulation are older than are observed in the real universe. Stars in these small galaxies formed around six billion years ago in the simulation, whereas in the real universe they only formed about three billion years ago”, he said.

It clearly indicates that the models for supernova explosions are not accurate, which has spurred the need to create the ones that are true to reality to run in the next generation.

Creation of this simulation is certainly a giant leap towards modeling galaxy formation, and the credit has also to be given to advance computing, which has played a big role in making it possible.

Source: Maine News

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