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Soulja Boy, The New Prince Of Hip-Hop

Soulja Boy, The New Prince Of Hip-Hop May 9, 201425 Comments

(Fox Weekly) — For many years now, Soulja Boy has become one of the most popular rap artists of this generation. Soulja Boy’s phenomenal international success died off after negotiation problems with Interscope Records. “Crank That” will forever be one of the biggest hip hop dance tracks of all-time.

Soulja Boy released his single Crank That utilizing MySpace and YouTube. The single instantly became a huge hit and a superstar was born. Crank That broke numerous records, including being the first digital song to sell 3 million digital copies in the US.

Surpassing the 5 million digital download threshold, Soulja Boy now stands pretty as one of the smartest entrepreneurs in the rap industry. Other singles like “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” & “Turn My Swag On“, have reached similar commercial acclaim. Like music isn’t enough, Soulja opened up his own clothing line “S.O.D.“,  and his own record label.

Recently, Soulja Boy collaborated with Nicki Minaj and came up “Yasss Bish“. We’re all waiting patiently for Soulja Boy’s fourth studio album, and we hope that Soulja Boy returns to his old roots. In this day and age, record labels are no longer needed to release and market music. Soulja Boy can release his next album independently and take over the music industry once again.

Soulja Boy will forever be remembered as one of the few artists that revolutionized the way we spread our music online. Grammys and number one hit singles isn’t enough to stop this rapper from becoming a rap king. We think Soulja Boy is the new prince of Hip Hop, and the amount of success behind 23 year old DeAndre, is unbelievable.



Reported by Danny Rogers



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