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Why Del Taco Is The Second Best Taco Food Chain In America

Why Del Taco Is The Second Best Taco Food Chain In America May 10, 20142 Comments

CALIFORNIA — There is no doubt that Taco Bell is the most popular food chain serving the infamous Mexican-American cuisine. But what about the second best Taco food chain? If you haven’t already, Say hello to Del Taco!

Del Taco is one of the most popular taco food chains in the country. Del Taco serves burgers, fries, shakes and more. The family-oriented atmosphere is very chill and comfortable. Del Taco has been around for decades and continues to deliver yummy food. The only restaurant that tops Del Taco of course is Taco Bell.

So how did this taco restaurant start? In 1964, Del Taco opened up their first restaurant in Yermo, California. The restaurant increased over the next decades to a nationwide food chain. Del Taco is now open in 16 states around the US.


When we went to try out their tacos, we found that our favorite thing off the menu was the Big Fat chicken taco. The burgers and fries were also delicious.

If you’re cruising around Las Vegas, Nevada, you’ll probably see Del Taco everywhere. On our visit to Las Vegas, we saw a lot of Del Taco restaurants. We hope you get to experience what we experienced at Del Taco. Being from Miami, Del Taco doesn’t exist here and tasting new Mexican-American restaurants was a wonderful journey.


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