BATB 7 Finals Prediction: Cody Cepeda Or Will Fyock

BATB 7 Finals Prediction: Cody Cepeda Or Will Fyock May 13, 2014Leave a comment

(Fox Weekly) — The first round of Battle at the Berrics 7 has concluded and now round 2 has begun. Insane flip tricks along with some very gnarly Joes from around the world, BATB 7 is starting to get intense. ‘Pros vs Joes’ seems to be the best idea Steve & Eric have came up with thus far.

During the BATB 7 match between Shane O’Neill & Cristian Vannella, Steve confirmed that Cristian was the reason behind this new style of skateboarding competition. So far, all Joes have fought strong. However, we believe there is only 1 Joe that can make it to the finals. Well, we initially thought so.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been watching all of the BATB 7 matches and could not choose our final Joe. We’re stuck between Cody Cepeda & Will Fyock, both these Joes have a 50/50 of making it to the finals. We tried our hardest to pick one, but both these skaters are very good and have a chance of winning this season of Battle at the Berrics.

During the start of round 1, we had predicted Moses Adams and Nick Holt as our top Joe. We will stick with Cody & Will as our finals prediction of which Joe will come out on top. Although anything can happen in these games of skate and a completely different Joe could end up in the final round.

For the final Pro, we predict that the final Pro will be between Sewa Kroetkov and Luan Oliveira. Originally, our final Pro prediction was Chris Cole, but Chris Chann took him out in round 1. As you can already tell, BATB 7 is heating up and we can’t wait to see which Joe makes it to the finals.

It will be a life-changing experience for whichever Joe makes it to the top. May god have mercy on their soul.



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