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Rantic Review – The “must know” guide for buying views & followers from Rantic.

Rantic Review – The “must know” guide for buying views & followers from Rantic. July 11, 2017Leave a comment

The current social media industry is complicated. Especially when it comes to making a decision with whom you are going to “stick” for your online promotions for, Rantic is one of the leaders in the buying-fans market., and In this review will we will go into the details of what kind of service you can expect from Rantic.

Buying Instagram followers:

Alright, we purchased 100 followers on a new account – our goal was to see if those followers are really active, here are the details of what we received within an hour.

* All of the followers seemed to have from 5 – 200 + posts which is definitely impressive to say the least.

* We compared this with the competition and they looked more legit

We didn’t stop there….

Next we uploaded a picture to see if there is any engagement to be expected from these followers.

* We posted a random picture and got only 3 likes and it got us thinking.

* Could it be from the followers?

* We assumed that most of the followers are ghost followers.

After waiting for a few hours, we noticed that 10% of the followers dropped – well that is not right! So we contacted Rantic to give us an explanation. We didn’t exactly get the answer we wanted – why did 10% of the followers dropped? but Rantic did give a ‘refill’ – a 100 more followers for us.

Rantic has quick customer service, we got our reply within 15 minutes, and we can assume that some of the followers were maybe ghost followers or maybe they did not like the picture we posted. Whatever the case was, Rantic compensated us for that in the form of more followers – that is acceptable.

Buying YouTube views:

Next stop was YouTube, we decided to purchase 150,000 views for a video, here is what we got:

* We received the views in 7 hours.

* Our retention was at 85%, which means th 85% of th video was watched.

* We started ranking searches

* Our video appeared in the trending section in a couple of countries which resulted in more natural views.

Could this be a new way to cheat yourself to success? – Perhaps.

Buying Facebook Likes:

Now it was Facebook time! We bought 500 USA likes on a new “viral cats” page, here are the results:

* We have received the likes within 2 days because we purchased the faster likes option

* We were impressed with the profiles of the “likers”, majority of them were super active and were from USA with locations such as: LA, NY, FL etc.

We decided to check the engagement, after posting on our page: we received 38 likes and 2 shares. Were these like real? Your betcha!

Compared to all the other services they are selling it looks like they do indeed sell real Facebook likes. Two thumbs up.

Twitter Followers

We bought 1000 Twitter USA followers from Rantic, after 5 minutes of purchase – all of the followers were delivered instantly which obviously screams bot followers. All of the followers had pictures and a lot of recent tweets. Obviously the only benefit we can see for these followers is if you want to increase your count.


Apart from the Twiiter bot followers, Rantic does offer something to everyone, their YouTube views were impressive and so were their Facebook likes and Instagram views. They are quick to respond and they are indeed among the leaders of this industry..We are more than happy to give Rantic our Referall and two thumbs up!

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