GIFs will soon be enabled on Facebook

GIFs will soon be enabled on Facebook July 14, 2017Leave a comment


Facebook never fails to help its users make an appearance on their friends’ newsfeeds. The social media giant with more than 2 billion users all over the world is now introducing a new feature. This feature allows you to create your own GIF on your mobile app. This news is according to The Next Web.

You will soon be able to make custom GIFs by finding the upper portion of the app’s camera. It enables you to make short, looping video with effects and caption of your own choice. Time to explore your creativity and tickle someone’s funny bone.

This feature is not currently available for the general public. Those who are using it currently might have gotten their hands on this feature by accident or by drip-feeding of the update by Facebook.

Short funny videos have been a thing especially for vines but this feature might enable you to create your own GIFs and storm your friends and family on Facebook.

On a serious note, chances are very high that Facebooks newest feature might be introduced to iOS devices first before making its way to Android users. Although this feature is still in the polishing and de-bugging state chances are it will be introduced soon.

Things haven’t been same since the shutting down of Vine. Videos were a lot more fun when they were just 30 seconds long. This will give a chance to Facebook users to post their own version of vines on their profiles. It will also help engage the users into comments and shares.

Although it is not confirmed and Facebook is keeping it a bit Hush Hush! There is not much we can tell you at this moment. As news keep rolling we will keep you updated on this in the future. We are just as excited as you are.

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