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Trump administration struggles to Implement its Strategy for dealing with a 16-year-old War

Trump administration struggles to Implement its Strategy for dealing with a 16-year-old War July 14, 2017Leave a comment


Two businessmen were recruited by Trump’s advisers to devise alternatives to Pentagon’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan. It reflects Trump administration’s struggle to deal with a war that has been going on for more than a decade and a half.

Erik D.Prince is founder of the private security firm Blackwater and Stephen A.Feinberg is a billionaire financier who owns the military contractor DynCorp are developing proposals to rely on contractors rather than American Troops in Afghanistan. It is conducted under the directive of MR. Trumps’s Chief Strategist Stephen K.Bannon, Jared Kushner, his senior adviser also his Son-in-Law.

This meeting dramatized the divide between Mr.Trump’s generals and his political staff over the issue of Afghanistan. Soliciting the opinions of Mr. Prince and Mr. Feinberg is qualified for out-of-the-box thinking.

“The conflict of interest in this is transparent” said Sean McFate who is a professor at Georgetown University and wrote a book the growth of private armies “The modern Mercenary”. He also stated “Most of these contractors are not even American, so there’s also a lot of moral hazard”.

Mr.Trump gave the authority of sending more troops to Afghanistan to Pentagon. The number of troops is believed to by 4,000—substitute measure to stabilize the area’s situation. Mr. Trump’s aides have shown concern that he will be locked into policies that failed under the past two presides while they grapple with a long-term strategy.

Mr. Feinberg met with the President of Afghanistan. Mr. Prince briefed White House Officials including General McMaster.

If Mr.Trump opted to use more contractrs and less troops, it could be highly beneficial for DynCorp which was paid $2.5 billion by the state department for its work in the country.

Both the spokesmen of Mr. Prince and Mr. Feinberg refused to give their comment regarding this topic. Some critics say this increase in troops will have little effect with fighting on the ground.

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