The Model F Keyboard May Make its Legendary Sounds Once Again

Love of keyboards makes one collector to re-manufacture it

The Model F Keyboard May Make its Legendary Sounds Once Again July 15, 2017Leave a comment

The Model F keyboard is thought to be one of the best keyboards ever made – of course it weighed more than a sledge hammer but that was the trend back in the 80s – big and heavy. The keyboard may have another shot.

One of the admirers of this keyboard is Joe Stranberg  of Garden City, New York – who is in love with this keyboard to the point where he is planning to manufacture it. He believes that this project will help him build the best keyboard ever made. Considering the price of the Model F – it’s worth today would be $1700 but obviously – the 80s was a time of minimum competition and fewer substitutes,   so the price was monopolistic. However, Strandberg has a goal of keeping the price for this reproduction at about $300.

Strandberg says that the Model F is the best keyboard ever built because of its tactile response and delicate typing – with sounds that can be described as a musical interaction. The Model F is still different from modern keyboards because it weighed 9 pounds and used a completely different layout. You take off the side keys of the number pad and the top row of function keys of modern keyboards, add 9 pounds to its weight – and you get a Model F.

Strandberg is a keyboard collector, the model F was love at first “type”, the sounds it made was the classic sounds you would hear in a typical 1980 office. The weekend hobby turned into a passion that led Strandberg to dream about building one and selling it.

This is kind of like a night and weekend hobby. I got into keyboards several years ago. I just started collecting and restoring these old Model F keyboards and I just fell in love with the sound and the feel and just the comfort and it’s kind of turned into something beyond what I would have ever dreamed.

Not everyone loved the Model F, some hated the sound it make because your boss could always hear if you are working or not – the sound of associated with productivity.



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