McGregor and Mayweather head to head

Fighters get broiled up, say things that heated up everyone

McGregor and Mayweather head to head July 15, 2017Leave a comment


Criticism and tempers were the mood of the crowd who saw Conor McGregor who made racially charged  comments on the first stop out of four preceding the world tour to promote the fight which will take place on August 26.

Floyd Mayweather threw an offensive jab at McGregor by using an anti-gay remark, sparking anger and frustration. McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion replied back with racial slurs.

Chris DeBlasio, spokesperson for the network said, “It was an offensive remark that has no place at this event or anywhere else.”

The LGBT activists in the sports community condemned these slurs made by Mayweather by saying that all ally athletes strongly condemn this homophobic behavior as it is shameful.

Many officials on the scene described it as a pathetic attempt to gain attention, they said further that this kind of behavior benefits no one, it practically ruins the sport.

McGregor used the phrase “Juice head monkey”, which was directed Mayweathers bodyguards.

The theatrics were high and escalating as both fighters exchanged words, to which point the crowd turned on Mayweather saying. “Sit down, shut up” was the chant in the crowd

Mayweather also called Dana White, the president of the UFC a “pimp”. Mayweather seemed to be on his game and was not thrown off by McGregor .

Their rivalry started when McGregor challenged him, he said that he could beat Mayweather in his ring. McGregor is known for his gutsy and strong worded speeches. He is known for making claims and presents them well in the octagon. However, many say that this fight might be one of the biggest fights of the century.

The world tour will continue in Los Angeles, they will take a stop on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will take a stop in Toronto and on Thursday, they will make a stop in New York.


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