Largest Led in the World

Samsung plan to make the projector obsolete

Largest Led in the World July 15, 2017Leave a comment

Who would have thought 20 years ago that you could buy a 100-inch TV, place it in your home and watch whatever you want. Now imagine a 34-foot monster that may as well replace projectors.


The first ever cinema sized screen was unveiled at Lotte, Cinema World Tower Theater in Seoul, South Korea by Samsung. With a resolution of 4K 4,096 x 2,160 pixels – this is the future granddaddy of all 4K UHD TVs. The brightness is an astounding 10 times more than you see in cinema projectors and a near infinite contrast ratio. It is also completely DCI complaint and gives full coverage. This is the very first of its type.


Samsung says that movies are going to look great on this, not only that, the movies will sound even better.  The 34-foot wide LED screen is extraordinary  – given the fact that not every theater would be able to accommodate it because it’s so large. Samsung already found a solution for this by making up the display with separate cabinets. This way, every theater will be able to accommodate the giant screen.


Traditional projectors are best utilized in the dark, but this LED will be used in displays where there is ambient lighting. This makes this LED ideal for concerts, gaming competitions, corporate events, sporting events and concerts. Surely, IMAX theaters will get some serious competition from this product by Samsung in the near future.


The screen is awesome to look at, you could have a look at it if you are going to Seoul but this new monster LED might spread in the world like fire. First, the company intends to spread the screen in South Korea, and then introducing it internationally going to China and the US. Unfortunately, this may take a little time but at least we all know that a giant has landed in the cinema world and its name is Samsung,


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