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Aaron Carter Arrested for Marijuana Possessions and and “Alleged DUI”

Aaron Carter Arrested for Marijuana Possessions and and “Alleged DUI” July 19, 2017Leave a comment

Life isn’t always going to be glitz and glamour for the famous people you come across. Being in the spotlight can take its toll, and that’s exactly what happened with Aaron Carter. We haven’t heard from the boyish sensation in a long time, and that’s probably because he’s been busy getting high and driving his car under the influence (allegedly). He was pulled over in Georgia on the suspicion of driving under the influence, as well as pot possession. His passenger, who was his girlfriend Madison Parker, was taken into custody under drug-related offenses as well. Both individuals have not commented on this issue, and the 29-year old singer was charger with three different misdemeanors. Those charges were DUI, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, as well as possession of “drug-related objects”. Parker was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, as well as an additional possession of drug-related objects charge (and obstruction of law enforcement officers).

Mr. Carters’ bail has been set at $4,610, while Parker has a bail of $4,360. Carter was released on bond shortly afterwards, as stated by a police spokesperson. When it comes to getting a DUI in Georgia, it can lead to some pretty severe sentences. It calls for a year in jail and a $1,000 fine for first-timer offenders, as well as community service and the suspension of your license. Probation is another additional penalty, and you’ll also need to take DUI education classes. Possession of one ounce or less of pot carries sentence of one year in jail or a $1,000 fine (depending on the situation).

Carter has been in trouble around Texas before, as in 2008, he was arrested for possession of at least two ounces of marijuana. He checked into rehab for an entire month during the year of 2011, where he was housed at the Betty Ford Center; a particularly popular place for addicts to go for treatment. Aaron has already made a statement in regards to his tendencies, explaining that he was “introduced to a lot of different things at an early age) in an interview with E! News, years ago. Even in 2005, there were photos of a seemingly innocent teenage Aaron Carter smoking weed published within “The National Enquirer”.

Addiction is a serious problem that many celebrities find themselves facing, because how else are you supposed to deal with all of the fame and fortune? Money makes the world go around, but it doesn’t buy happiness. If it did, there wouldn’t be so many wealthy and famous individuals checking in rehab centers.

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