United Airlines Flies Rapper ScHoolboy Q’s Dog to the Wrong City

United Airlines Flies Rapper ScHoolboy Q’s Dog to the Wrong City July 19, 2017Leave a comment

One of the worst things that could happen to you while traveling is losing your luggage, but there are other blunders that could ruin your day. For example, famous rapper ScHoolboy Q knows some of them – as one of the most negatively influential airlines has happened to lose his dog. United Airlines, which has been dealing with their own fair share of problems as of recent, flew the rappers dog to the wrong city. Luggage is one thing, but your dog? That’s going to call for some serious backlash. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie “Soul Plane” with Kevin Hart (it’s somewhat old), but it follows the same sort of story line. Kevin Hart gets on a plane, but in this case, they get the animal on the proper flight – only to accidentally dump the cargo bay (and the dog alongside it). He proceeds to sue, own the airline and live somewhat happily ever after. I don’t know if ScHoolboy Q is going to be awarded the entire airline, but I think there is some ground for argument here. Maybe at least one or two planes; you could even throw some shares into the mix. CNN reported that Q had arrived at the Burbank airport on Friday evening, only to discover that his French Bulldog (which is named “Yeerndamean”) wasn’t on his flight. As a matter of fact, the dog was sent to Chicago – by mistake. ScHoolboy Q tweeted about the issue and claimed that he was willing to sue, and I honestly think that’s a great idea. Thankfully, I’m not a lawyer nor a celebrity.

Q was flying to Los Angeles from Missouri, and after a layover in Denver, realized that the dog wasn’t in the proper place. He stated that the dog more than likely had feces and urine all over his cage, due to being flown around so many times. It’s got to be traumatic for the animal, let alone for ScHoolboy Q. A representative from United Airlines made a statement that read: “Our customer’s dog was safely reunited with its owner Friday evening. We have been in touch with our customer to sincerely apologize for this mistake and are providing a refund.”

Despite their best efforts, I don’t think that a refund is going to cut it. For what has been a relatively bad year for United up until this point, it seems like the negative news is going to keep on piling up. ScHoolboy Q has plenty of projects out that you can listen to right now, but has recently popped up on a track with Anderson .Paak called “Come Down”. Ty Dolla $ign is also on the song, and it’s worth checking out – if you’re a fan of the LA collective known as TDE, you’re going to love this flamboyant and funky track.

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