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Herbal Might Not Always be Healthy

Herbal Viagra might not be as safe as you think

Herbal Might Not Always be Healthy July 21, 2017Leave a comment

Supplements and medicine are a major part of our lives and nowadays; anyone can put the “natural” label on their brand and slingshot it into the consumer world. Consumers are readily looking for natural alternatives for traditional medicine, this includes the medicine for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is a name known by many, an effective medicine that has proved its worth many times. Now there is the new trend of DIY supplement mixtures where some people say that you can replace the effects of traditional Viagra with homemade remedies and supplements.

Doctors are not adamant on prescribing herbal supplements that makes many consumers think that herbal supplements have no side effects. What consumers do not realize is the fact that these herbals supplements may have the same potency.

Some herbal medicines are even more potent than other drugs – and because of that, they can have a harmful effect on health.

Herbal alternative to Viagra might endanger your health. A doctor would evaluate the overall health of a man and prescribes him the optimum dosage that helps him, If the man has health problems with that dosage, the doctor will look into other alternatives.

Herbal medicines are usually sold over-the-counter and consumers have no way of knowing what effect the herbal medicine might have on their health. If someone has blood pressure problems or has heart disease, a herbal alternative to Viagra may send him to the hospital.

The FDA warned the public in 2015 not to take herbal Viagra because it had sildenafil as a secret ingredient.

Sildenafil is also an active ingredient in Viagra but with herbal Viagra, this ingredient is in large doses, sometimes even double the amount – which is dangerous for most men.

That is not all. These herbal supplements also have stimulants that can literally mess up a man’s health. Now combine large amounts of sildenafil, impurities, stimulants, usage with alcohol – and this becomes a deadly mixture.

Traditional Viagra is regulated, proven and is prescribed through a doctor. This means that a consumer will be evaluated first, given the right dosage and will be monitored, which is not the case with herbal Viagra where people can just go buy it off the counter and use it freely because it is all natural right?

There are several manufacturers who make herbal Viagra and there is little or no regulation as to which ingredients are to be used at which quantity. To put this in simple terms – the benefits of herbal Viagra are short-lived and are risky.

People still take herbal Viagra, despite the warnings. However, they are simply not solving their erectile dysfunction but they might be developing other health problems with its usage.  Many men use herbal Viagra to avoid a conversation with a doctor because they feel that this conversation is uncomfortable. Secondly, herbal Viagra is easily available and is a cheap option to traditional Viagra.

But many people use herbal Viagra because they believe in its genuine results. They think that the herbal version is safer and natural. However, in this case, the herbal supplement might have fewer herbs than the alternative itself.


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