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You may be dead but your thoughts might be posted

Live Forever on Facebook July 21, 2017Leave a comment

If your dead, you may not stop tweeting. This suggests that your body, mind and heart may not function but you will still communicate through the social media. This sounds like an episode from the twilight zone, however living through Facebook might happen in the next years.

Medical science has not found a way to induce immortality but Researchers from the University of Melbourne discovered the concept of “social immortality”

The algorithms used by Google and Facebook target us with their marketing campaigns, which aims to match our interests, creating a profile of us that is marketable.

A similar or the same algorithm can be used to generate posts – after we are dead. This will allow dead individuals to update their status and even participate in online conversations.

The concept is scary, however there are many sites who have dedicated themselves to maintain your social media presence after your death.

The researchers at Melbourne University brew up the concept after realizing that everyone is eventually forgotten after death. However, their collective thought and stories can be shared forever, giving them a sort of immortality.

One of many sites who are dedicated in this new genre is, where people can sing up and write emails which will be sent after their death.

This new concept could be called the “dead” social media or the social media of the dead. A cryptic and weird concept for many. Some people find it comforting that their message will keep circulating after their death while some think that this might “creep out” family members and loved ones.

So in the future, you will have websites that can publish your posts after your death but will the social media be able to replicate posts on its own? Not likely at this point but algorithms can sense your humor and language. By doing so, the algorithms can imitate your persona and participate in online discussions. Technology is advancing, it may lead to something that can mimic your voice and even make phone calls.

However, there could be issues with this concept.

Bullying and trolling from grave cannot be controlled, how can we determine if a certain dead person is not malicious?

People are in front of the screen almost 15 hours a day, so on a philosophical level, our body is usually online. People form communities and interact, creating social relations – all online. Many virtual workers never get to hear the voice or see the face of their employer. So the question is: do we need our body to be there for a social life?

Some experts suggest that this is in fact an interesting technology but people need to be careful with it. Jumping into something new is good but one has to be careful not to jump too deep. The tech is promising on the concept level, many are excited that their thoughts or trolling will live on forever.

The concept is still uneasy to grasp, the future is unpredictable but is going at a steady rate.




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