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Gay Marriage Law is OK’d By German President, Will Take Effect in the Fall

Gay Marriage Law is OK’d By German President, Will Take Effect in the Fall July 22, 2017Leave a comment

Gay marriage is a topic that many people are passionate about. If you happen to be gay yourself, this is a time to rejoice – steps are being taken in the right direction (or so it would seem). The German president has finally OK’d a law that would allow gay marriage to be legal, which is a new high for Europeans as a whole. Lawmakers had the bill approve on June 30th, during the final session of parliament (taking place before Germany’s September election). This was done after Angela Kerkel, whom is a Chancellor of the conservative part, allowed the lawmakers to vote according to their “conscience”. This means that they were able to make a decision based on how they felt personally, as opposed to politically. If only every single law were able to be passed in such a way.

It will come into effect on October 1st at the latest, which is compeltely fine – most people are happy that it’s finally coming at all. Gay marriage has been the most talked about subject in many circles for years now, because it just wasn’t fair. Why shouldn’t you be able to marry someone of the same sex, if you absolutely love each other? The modern world that we live in is changing for the better (in most cases), although there are still plenty of kinks that need to be worked out. This is a step in the right direction, and if we keep this up, there’s no telling just how much more we’ll get done within the next 20 or 30 years. I’m kind of hoping for hovering cars, but I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Katarina Barley, who is a minister for families, stated: “Marriage is a question of love and responsibility and not gender,”. This means that she agrees with the common sense most people will hold themselves to. Why would you ever limit someones life because you don’t agree with same sex marriage? It’s a question that is still being asked in many places all over the world, but hopefully this will open the eyes of much more violent/religious countries (when it comes to treating gay people with the same amount of respect as you would anyone).

The United States has legalized same sex marriage in specific areas for quite some time now, maybe even a little over 10 years (don’t quote me on that). The movement seemed to have started in the Western hemisphere, and is now moving over towards the other side of the world. If it means equality for everybody, I’m all for it – and you should be, too.

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