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Toronto Helps Out a “Doofy Son”, Finds His Parked Car 4 Days Later

Toronto Helps Out a “Doofy Son”, Finds His Parked Car 4 Days Later July 22, 2017Leave a comment

Gavin Strickland stated: “I just love how the city got together to help me out”

If you lost your vehicle in a car park, what would you do? Seriously, think about it – losing your car in a car park is pretty hard. A US teenager recently visited Canada and happened to lose his for 4 days, that is, until some volunteers picked through the parking lot and found it.

Gavin Strickland was amazed at the hospitality shown to him during his trip to Canada. He said that “I feel like I’m a Hollywood actor or something,”. Gavin is 19 years old, and a local media crew caught up with him to ask a few questions in regards to this amazing event. He had initially driven himself from Syracuse (New York) over to Canada for a Metallica concert, but after the Sunday night performance, he forgot where he was parked. A Craigslist advertisement was posted in order to garner some help, but nobody expected the sort of turnout that Gavin received. The parents actually posted it, mainly so the father – and he had a few choice words (which were incredibly funny, mind you) to share about his son.

“Our doofy son parked the car in an indoor parking garage, in the first floor (slightly lower/basement level) but that garage cannot now be located,” stated his father online. “The car hs US Florida license plates, a small Candian flag affixed to the door frame, and a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.” The Teenager was looking all night for his vehicle, which was a 2015 Nissan Versa Sedan, and even some police offers offered to help. They drove him around the city, looking for the car. He gave up on Monday morning and decided to go coach for the 250 miles (a whopping 400km) back home.

There were a lot of details in the online posting, some of which helped narrow the search down. It was said that the car was near a Starbucks, as well as possibly a bank (and even some construction, which is essentially the majority of Toronto). It was within an $8 cab fare radius from the Rogers Centre, which is where the concert took place; there was a $100 reward on the line for whoever found it, so obviously, people were going for gold. Madison Riddols, 26, found the car parked in an electric charging station.

Gavin Strickland said “I love Canada, and I think I just love how the city got together to help me out”. Appreciate it Gavin, and Canada loves you too! Just make sure you use the Bluetooth device gifted to you, please don’t let this happen again; keep tabs on your vehicle!

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