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Keep High Blood Pressure Under Control

5 Ways to Reduce High Blood Pressure and Reduce risk of Heart Disease

Keep High Blood Pressure Under Control July 23, 2017Leave a comment

Are you worried about taking medicines for high blood pressure? Do you want to bring your number down and keep them down for good?

An important role is played by your lifestyle in treating your high blood pressure. If you keep your blood pressure under control with a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise–it might lower the possibility of you using medication.

Here are basic 5 lifestyles changes you can make to lower your blood pressure.


  1. Shed Extra Weight

Blood pressure increases as weight increases. Being obese also hinders in breathing during sleeping ¬†and is also known as sleep apnea–a major cause of increase in blood pressure.

Losing weight is one of the major lifestyle changes to control blood pressure. Losing just 10 pounds can really help in lowering down your blood pressure.

Also keep your waistline in check, increasing weight around waist can put you on the front line of being a victim of high blood pressure and heart disease.


  1. Regular Exercise

At least 30 minutes of physical activity is enough to bring blood pressure by 4-9 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). It is very important that exercise should be consistent. Once you stop exercising the blood pressure will be back to being high.

If you have pre-hypertension, exercise can really help you to avoid getting full-blown hypertension. If you have fallen victim to hypertension, regular exercise can help bringing it down to levels that are safer.

The best types of exercise are walking, jogging, swimming, cycling. You can also do strength training to help keep blood pressure down.


  1. Eating Healthy

Including whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products and excluding saturated fat and cholesterol from your diet can help reduce your blood pressure by 14 mm Hg. This is called DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension).

Writing down what you eat might just give you an insight of what you are doing wrong and what needs to be fixed. Monitor your diet, the timings and cravings. Potassium has proven to lessen the effect of sodium on blood pressure. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of synthetic resources like supplements.


  1. Reduce Consumption Sodium

Reducing the amount of sodium in your diet can lower your blood pressure by 2-8 mm Hg.

Sodium intake affects different people in different ways.

Generally, limit the usage of sodium to less than 2,300 mg in a day or less.

To reduce sodium in your daily diet try following these tips

  1. If possible, select low-sodium alternatives of food and drinks you buy every day.
  2. Sodium is added to food while processing, try reducing the usage of processed food. Small amount of sodium occurs naturally in foods.
  3. Instead of using salt in your diet, try adding flavor with spices and herbs. You can use low sodium salt as well.

You have to ease your system into using small amounts of sodium and get used to of it later on.


  1.  Reduce Alcohol Consumption

In small amounts alcohol can lower your blood by 2-4 mm Hg. Drinking more than moderate amounts of alcohol can really raise blood pressure by several points. The effectiveness of blood pressure medication is also reduced.


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